Digging up the past: Nuns, the early College and how they lived

23 June 2021 19.30
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Archaeologists have recently unearthed medieval structures that could help understand a 50-year gap in Jesus College’s history.

Jesus College began life in the 12th century as a nunnery, before being repurposed as a College for the University of Cambridge in 1496. Excavations have been taking place on the northern side of Jesus College’s Hall, in an area known as Pump Court – resulting in some exciting discoveries.

Join us to hear from project leader Preston Boyles and Jesus College archivist Robert Athol about the findings, and learn how they relate to what we already know about the site. They will be joined by Professor Roberta Gilchrist, Research Dean for Heritage and Creativity and Professor of Archaeology at the University of Reading, and Chris Evans, Executive Director, Cambridge Archaeological Unit. Dr Jessica Berenbeim will chair the discussion and put your questions to the panel.

This event is hosted by the Intellectual Forum.

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