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In the Business of…Policy-Making for the United Nations

22 October 2023 11.30 - 12.30
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Join us at this special In the Business of Policy Making for the United Nations event, hosted by the Master, with Diana Barrowclough. Current students can register for free via Eventbrite.

Diana Barrowclough (1992)  first studied and worked as a journalist but realised quickly that a better understanding of economics was needed to grapple with thorny issues and evasive interviewees. Thus followed a degree in economics and political science at Auckland University; during which she learned it was fascinating to be on the other side of the interview. Thence a PhD at Jesus College in Cambridge, and a fellowship at St Johns; and now to the United Nations thinktank UNCTAD, where today she enjoys the path between academic research, policy making, advocacy and communication, with the goal of improving development. Not a straight line then, but an interesting one. She is author and co-author of many UN reports and publications, and other books, usually co-authored and often with Cambridge colleagues, include a text on quantitative methods and economic debate; on creative industries as an economic asset for developing countries; on public banks and on public goods. Her latest research is on plastic pollution and oceans, and how economics can help create a greener, cleaner future. She lives in Geneva with her family.

Voice Choice and Economic Growth, Routledge (w/ Z. Kozul-Wright)

Running Regressions. A Practical Guide to Quantitative Research in Economics, Finance and Development Studies (w/ M. Baddeley)

Public Banks, Public Purpose, and Early Actions in the Face of Covid-19. (w/ T. Marois)

Transforming the Global Plastics Economy: The Role of Economic Policies in the Global Governance of Plastic Pollution. (w/ C. Deere Birkbeck).

The Ocean Economy: Trends, Impacts and Opportunities for a Blue Recovery in Developing Countries (2021). w/ Vivas D and Contreras C. South Centre.

Public Banks and Covid 19: Tackling the Pandemic with Public Finance (2020), w/ D. Macdonald and T.Marois. MSP, UNCTAD and Eurodad.

Southern-Led Development Finance: Solutions from the Global South (2020), w/ K.Gallagher and R.Kozul-Wright, Routledge.