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Image of Dr Joel Rogers de Waal

Dr Joel Rogers de Waal

Joel is an academic pollster and Senior Research Associate at the Jesus College Intellectual Forum, where he collaborates with other Forum members on public opinion research. 

He is also the academic director at YouGov and polling director at the Cambridge University POLIS Department, in support of the YouGov-Cambridge Centre. 

What are you working on now?

I’m currently preparing release of this year’s results from the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project, an annual study that launched last year, and the largest of its kind on populism and the public state of globalisation. This year’s research will include significant focus on how the pandemic is impacting attitudes to global integration and support for populism. The main partner on the project within the University is the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

How has your career to date led to this?

For a number of years, my role at YouGov has been focused on developing the company’s public data research and partnerships. This has included the establishment of a polling research centre at the Cambridge POLIS Department, called the YouGov-Cambridge Centre, which is how I came to be involved with the Intellectual Forum, through natural overlap in supporting the University’s Strategic Research Initiative on Public Policy.

What one thing would you most want someone to learn from what you’ve done or are doing now?

As a public, we are less divided than often seems the case these days.

What do you think of Jesus College and the Intellectual Forum?

Jesus College is a wonderful combination of the traditional and modern Cambridge college. The Intellectual Forum embodies this, with a beautiful, historic setting for a very modern, friendly and diverse type of intellectual hub, where academics and practitioners are encouraged to interact and traverse the silos.


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