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Apply to film, photograph and audio record at Jesus College

Jesus College’s beautiful grounds and buildings have been the setting for documentaries, dramas, fashion shoots, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and much more.

The College is primarily a place for our community members to live, work, and socialise. It is private property and while we recognise the benefits and opportunities of allowing selected filming, photography and recording to take place, these need to be balanced against the potential impact on community members and College life. 

Making an application

Applications should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Except for news media requests, a lead-in time of at least ten working days is required. While we try to be flexible, short-notice requests may not be granted due to availability and the need to consult with various College departments to avoid clashes with other events or permitted filming.

Permission is much less likely to be granted during exam term or at the same time as major scheduled events.

  • The filming, photography and audio recording policy applies to anyone wishing to film, take photographs, or record audio on the main Jesus College site and its properties. This includes students, Fellows, staff, choir members, Conference customers including B&B guests, contractors, all other visitors and the general public.
  • The filming, photography and audio recording fee scale should be read before submitting an application.
  • The application form is for all filming, photography and audio recording which does not fit into section 2.1 of the policy. All relevant information must be contained within the form, with the exception of scripts or detailed shot lists which can be attached separately.

Please email the completed application form to:

  • The Conference Office for all requests related to Conference room bookings
  • The Chapel Office for all requests for the Chapel
  • The Communications Office for all other requests, including those wishing to shoot in the grounds, media requests, and drama requests.

Further resources

We have created a generic perimeter notice template and a generic release form template for adaptation and use by organisations which do not have their own. If you use these templates, it is your responsibility to check and adapt them to ensure that they comply with your organisation's policies and all legal requirements.