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Directors of Studies

Your Director of Studies (DoS) is responsible for your academic coursework and for arranging supervisions, which are small-group teaching sessions provided by the College. You can expect to meet regularly with your DoS to discuss your academic progress.

If you'd like to see all of our academic staff, visit the People page.

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh


Dr Jonathan Tenney


Professor Koen Steemers

Architecture and Urban Design/Studies, MPhil in

Professor Koen Steemers

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Saussan Khalil

Chemical Engineering

Professor Ian Wilson


Professor James Clackson (Michaelmas Term), Dr Cédric Scheidegger Laemmle (Lent and Easter Terms)

Computer Science

Parts IA and IB: Professor Cecilia Mascolo
Parts II and III: Dr Chris Town


Dr Toke Aidt


Dr Daniel Moulin-Stozek

Education, Postgraduate Certificate in (PGCE)

Dr Daniel Moulin-Stozek


Parts IA and IB: Dr Thierry Savin
Parts IIA and IIB: Professor Tim Wilkinson
Manufacturing Engineering: Professor Tim Wilkinson


Part I: Dr Christopher Burlinson
Part II: Dr Fiona Green


Part IA: Dr Olga Petri
Parts IB and II: Professor David Nally


Part I: Dr Michael Edwards
Part II: Professor Nick Guyatt

History and Modern Languages

History: Dr Michael Edwards
Modern Languages Part IA: Mrs Maren de Vincent-Humphreys (Michaelmas Term); Dr Jana Howlett (Lent and Easter Terms)
Modern Languages Part IB: Ms Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass

History and Politics

History: Dr Michael Edwards
Politics: Professor Jeremy Green

History of Art

Dr Donal Cooper (Michaelmas Term), Dr Georgios Markou (Lent and Easter Terms)

Human, Social, and Political Sciences

Part IA: Dr Véronique Mottier (Michaelmas Term), Professor Duncan Kelly (Lent and Easter Terms)
Part IIA: Dr Véronique Mottier (Michaelmas Term), Professor Jeremy Green (Lent and Easter Terms)
Part IIB: Professor Jeremy Green
Harvard Exchange: Professor Duncan Kelly (Lent and Easter Terms)

Land Economy

Professor Shailaja Fennell


Part IA: Ms Amy Goymour
Part II: Professor Claire Fenton-Glynn
Part IB, LLM and MCL: Dr Findlay Stark


Professor Brechtje Post

Management Studies

Professor Peter Williamson


Part IA: Mr Paul Fannon
Part IB: Professor Natalia Berloff
Part II: Dr Gareth Wilkes
Part III and MASt: Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Michaelmas Term), Professor Natalia Berloff (Lent and Easter Terms)

Medical Sciences

Part IA: Dr Ramsay Bowden
Part IB: Dr Sybil Stacpoole
Part II: Dr Jim Ajioka
Clinical Medicine: Dr Siân Stinchcombe

Modern and Medieval Languages

Part IA: Mrs Maren de Vincent-Humphreys (Michaelmas Term), Dr Maite Conde (Lent and Easter Terms)
Part IB and Year Abroad: Ms Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass
Part II: Dr Rebecca Reich


Professor Ben Walton

Natural Sciences (Biological)

Part IA: Professor Walter Federle
Part IB: Dr Matt Wilkinson
Part II (excluding Biochemistry and Genetics): Dr David Hanke
Part II (Biochemistry and Genetics): Professor Kathryn Lilley
Part III (Biochemistry and Systems Biology): Professor Kathryn Lilley

Natural Sciences (Physical)

Part IA: Dr Jim Bellingham and Dr Siddharth Saxena
Chemistry Part IB: Professor Stuart Clarke
Chemistry Parts II and III: Professor Oren Scherman
Earth Sciences (all Parts): Dr Oscar Branson (Michaelmas Term), Professor Helen Williams (Lent and Easter Terms)
History and Philosophy of Science Parts II and III: Dr Mary Brazelton
Materials Science (all Parts): Dr Takashi Lawson (Michaelmas and Lent Terms), Professor Rachel Evans (Easter Term)
Physics (Part IB): Dr Jim Bellingham
Physics (Parts II, III and MASt): Professor Ulrich Schneider


Professor Clare Chambers

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Parts IA and IB: Dr Catherine O'Brien
Part II: Professor Simone Schnall

Theology for Ministry, Bachelor of

Dr Paul Dominiak

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

Dr Paul Dominiak

Veterinary Sciences

Veterinary Sciences Tripos: Dr Andrew Grant
Clinical Veterinary Medicine: Dr Nicky Holdstock


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