Image of Jesus College war memorial

Charles Henry Dwyer, Captain, Worcestershire Regiment

Charles Henry Dwyer had been due to come up from Shrewsbury School in Michaelmas Term 1914.

Born: 1895

Fell in action: 17 November 1916

Instead he took up a commission with the Worcester Regiment. He is included in the Cambridge University War List, and his name appears on the Jesus College War Memorial. There is an obituary for him in the Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report, 1917.

Dwyer was one of around 62% his Jesuan contemporaries to come up from a recognised public school. There is more about this in the chapter “Getting into Jesus 1790-2006” in Jesus A Life of a Cambridge College edited by Peter Glazebrook.

The chapter references the more “muscular” culture at Jesus than and Dwyer, it seems would have fitted into this very well. His obituary details some of his sporting achievements whilst at Shrewsbury. He had apparently been “Captain of the Gymnasium” and had “represented the school at Aldershot in the Public Schools Competition”.  He had also gained school colours at football and been “a gentleman of the runs” (Jesus College Society Annual Report, p23).

“[He] was killed by a sniper on 17 November 1916, while on reconnaissance duty”.

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