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Image of Tobias Rustat memorial
Tobias Rustat Memorial in Jesus College Chapel. Credit: Richard Marsham


The Chapel contains many monuments, both from the College's 500 year history and that of the 12th century Benedictine convent of St Mary and St Radegund.

One of the most notable is a thirteenth century coffin lid set into the floor of the South Transept. It is probably that of Bertha, wife of Walter de Lindsey, a benefactress of the nuns. It would have formerly been sited near the High Altar.

Another significant monument is a memorial to Tobias Rustat (1608-1694), which is hung on the west wall of the nave.  Rustat was the College’s most substantial single benefactor. The memorial was crafted in Grinling Gibbons’ workshop and reads (with text modernised for screen readers): 

Tobias Rustat, Yeoman of the Robes 
to King Charles the Second, 
whom he served with all duty and faithfulness, 
in his adversity, as well as prosperity;
the greatest part of the estate he gathered, 
by God's blessing, the King's favour, and his industry 
he disposed of in his lifetime in works of charity,
and found the more he bestowed 
upon churches, hospitals, universties and colleges, 
and upon poor widows and orphans of orthodox ministers,
the more he had at the year's end;
neither was he unmindful of his kindred and relations 
in making them provisons out of what remained,
he died a bachelor,
the 15th day of March
in the Year of Our Lord 1693, 
aged 87 years.

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