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Bevil Bryan Quiller-Couch, Major, Royal Field Artillery

​Bevil Quiller-Couch was the son of Jesus Fellow and Regius Professor of English, Sir Arthur Quiller- Couch. Known by the pen name of Q, Sir Arthur was the author of several popular novels.

​Born: 12 October 1890

Died of influenza while on active service: 6 February 1919

Bevil, who was educated at Winchester College and Trinity College Oxford, survived the conflict in France as a decorated war hero, being awarded the Military Cross in January 1916 for his role in the campaigns of 1914-1915.

At the end of the war he became engaged to the war poet May Wedderburn-Cannan and they planned to marry in June 1919. More about May and her life and poetry may be found here

Sadly Bevil became another victim of the Spanish Flu epidemic and died in February of that year.

He is commemorated in the church at Fowey, where his parents lived when his father was not required to be in Cambridge.

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