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When the Master met a College vlogger

College Master Sonita Alleyne has teamed up with third year student and vlogger PaigeY in a new University of Cambridge video.

Filmed during the new Master's first term at College, Paige asks questions posed by College students and her online followers. Topics range from how it feels to be the first woman elected to hold the post of Master of Jesus College, why young people shouldn't count themselves out of applying to Cambridge, and lessons Sonita learned during her own time studying at the University.

Asked about the qualities needed to become the head of a Cambridge College, Sonita comments: "In essence, you're being asked to join a community made up of students, made up of Fellows, made up of staff, made up of alumni. It's a job which is asking me to care about that community." 

For potential applicants thinking they might not fit in at Cambridge, Sonita advises: "You have to lean into life, it shouldn't put you off. I had this when I applied, with friends and my peer group asking 'Oh, why are you going there? You're from the East End of London.' But I look at my life and those of my friends from university, and they've been able to really fulfill their potential ... and make a difference in the world.

"Sometimes you've got this little thing in your ear saying 'It's not for me, it's not for me' but go and see. Go and visit a College and see for yourself. Yes, a lot of Cambridge Colleges have beautiful buildings ... but it's the people that you should meet. You might not meet people who are exactly like you, but maybe that's the same for everyone who's going. Everyone is an individual who walks through the door ... there is no one in the room like them."

Paige also asks how Sonita how she should find the balance between her own studies and other activities, and is told: "Just but putting yourself out there, regularly committing to doing your vlog, talking to people and talking about a university that you love, encouraging people to 'come and experience it for yourself'; I think that's really, really good."

Vlogging since receiving her A Level results and arriving at Jesus to study Natural Sciences, Paige has built up a YouTube following of over 150,000 subscribers. She publishes regular vlogs of her day to day university life, and was identified as a lead youth influencer at 2019's Youth Marketing Strategy Conference. 

With thanks to the University of Cambridge communications team for filming, editing and sharing this video.


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