Image of Women's 1st Boat

Triumphs at the Lent Bumps

Congratulations to the Women's 1st Boat who moved up to Head of the River during last week's Lent Bumps. 

Two bumps and then two row-overs saw them leading from the front in triumphant style for the final two days of racing, retaking the headship not held by Jesus since 1987.

Congratulations also to the M4 crew, who moved up 3 places, and to W2 and M3 for moving up 2 places each.

Along with a strong performance by W3, Jesus are now head in all three women's divisions, as well as becoming the only college to field five men's boats at Lent Bumps - outstanding achievements all round.

We wish them all the best for the rest of the season, and perhaps for similar success in the May Races.