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Image of From left: a sand dune, a representation of atoms, a seedling growing from a pile of coins, a hand holding a phone

Tickets available to book for the 2021 Cambridge Festival

2021 marks the launch of the new interdisciplinary Cambridge Festival, which replaces the Cambridge Science Festival and the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

The Intellectual Forum is offering free tickets to five Cambridge Festival events, on everything from fixing the financial system to making sense of ripples. 

Information about individual events can be found below.

Is social media changing your life?

7.30pm on 22 March 2021, online event

In a locked down world where physical proximity may not be even possible, social media often presents a lifeline to the rest of the world. The apps that we check throughout the day influence how and where we receive news and information, who we spend time with, what we buy, and ultimately even how we think and feel. But what if we have more control over these aspects than we might assume?

We welcome Tyler Shores (Jesus College Intellectual Forum), Mark Carrigan (Faculty of Education), and Amy Orben (Neuroscience) in a discussion that will help us to think through what role everyday technology should have within our lives, our sense of self, and how we relate to the rest of the world. 

You can book tickets here:


How to fix the financial system

7.30pm on 24 March 2021, online event

How can university endowments, pension funds, and individual savers contribute to the mitigation of inequality and the climate crisis through their investments? 

This session will make use of up-to-date academic evidence to explain - in plain language - how the financial system works, where the key levers are, and what you can do as a student or staff member of a university, a pension beneficiary, or an individual saver to contribute to a safer, fairer world.

You can book tickets here:


Atoms all around me

2.00pm on 29 March 2021, online event

Suitable for ages 7-10 with adult supervision.

The world is made of atoms, but what does this mean? Join our online workshop to explore what atoms are and how they combine to create the incredible world we see around us. During an afternoon of creative activities, participants will make a recipe book to explore the structure of some of the most common types of atoms and how these come together to make some familiar objects – including you and me.

You can book tickets here: 


Ripples: a live interactive event

7.30pm on 29 March 2021, online event

From social media to spacetime, making waves underpins our world and society. But how do they behave? How do ripples form the fabric of our world, and how do we make sense of them?

Join this science-art project to contribute your thoughts and ideas, and watch them play out in real time during this event.

You can book tickets here:



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