Technology and geopolitics with Britain’s former chief cyber negotiator

How should democratic governments and societies prepare for the future? What different skills are needed in public policy today? Is there space for optimism in an age dominated by anxiety and uncertainty? 

The world is more challenging and fraught than it was a decade ago. The invasion of Ukraine, rising tensions in Asia, and competition for power have focused attention back to United States and its role in international relations. The interplay between geopolitics and technology will shape the decades ahead.

On 20 February, the Intellectual Forum was joined by Professor Alexander Evans OBE, who spoke to these challenges, drawing on his career in diplomacy for the UK, US, and United Nations, including as Britain’s chief cyber negotiator. He spoke to a packed room in this sold out event, and his varied and engaging presentation generated some complex and interesting discussion in the Q&A that followed.

A recording of the talk is available on our College YouTube channel.