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Image of Photograph of Callum McCarthy

Student selected for GraceKennedy Jamaican Birthright Programme

Engineering student Callum McCarthy (2015) has been selected as the UK representative for this year's GraceKennedy Jamaican Birthright Programme, a cultural and professional internship aimed at highlighting all aspects of Jamaican life while also furthering the student's career goals. Callum tells us what this programme means to him.

Why did you apply for the GraceKennedy Jamaican Birthright Programme?

My mother’s side of the family is of Jamaican heritage. My grandparents moved to the UK in the 50s and have lived in London ever since. They have always shared stories (and recipes) from their time in Jamaica with me, which are largely responsible for my affinity with the country. I have visited once before, when I was much younger, and I loved it. So when I came across the GraceKennedy Birthright programme, I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to immerse myself in day-to-day life and gain a better appreciation of Jamaica today!

What will you be doing on the programme?

I will be joining three other students - two from the US and one from Canada - on the programme. It runs for six weeks and involves an internship with one of GraceKennedy’s business units and a cultural experience to learn more about my Jamaican heritage. I am most looking forward to the weekend programmes called Heritage Pathways, which include visits to historic sites, festivals, and of course, beautiful beaches! 

What are you studying at Jesus College? 

I am studying Manufacturing Engineering (MET), which I have really enjoyed. It has given me a wide range of experiences, from industrial placements in factories to design and prototyping of a device to aid Parkinson’s sufferers! At Jesus, I have loved getting involved in sport throughout my four years - it’s rare I’ve had a weekend without some football or basketball.

What do you hope to do in future?

After the programme in Jamaica, I hope to do some further travelling in South America until Christmas - I’ll have to work on my Spanish this term in preparation! Then in the new year, I will be starting work as a management consultant in London.


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