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Space Month! at the Intellectual Forum

The Intellectual Forum's Space Month is go for launch with six events that explore our future in space!

From 22 October 2021 to 11 November 2021, the Intellectual Forum is hosting a series of events considering the future of human interaction with outer space. From space tourism to understanding military uses of space, the Intellectual Forum's Senior Research Associate Dr Ricky J Lee and experts from around the world appear across a programme that will engage everyone from the young to old, interested amateur to space tech professional.

We begin today with an video-magazine on Asteroid mining: opportunities and obstacles.

On 2 November, join us as we ask an expert panel: Should Military Activities Be Off Limits in Outer Space? You can get tickets for this Zoom event on Eventbrite.

On 3 November, we co-host an event at the Cambridge Observatory.

On 10 November, we host a live debate on You Won a Ticket to Space – Should You Go?.You can get tickets for this Zoom event also on Eventbrite.

Another video-magazine will launch live here on the Jesus College website at 4pm on 11 November exploring Lunar and Martian Settlement.

Asteroid Mining: Opportunities and Obstacles

With increasingly technological development, human civilisation’s needs for mineral resources that have exploded over the centuries have not slackened.  However, the quality of the mineral resources in the Earth’s crust have declined, and viable reserves are now found predominantly in areas on Earth that may be more valuable to us to protect as natural ecosystems than to exploit their mineral wealth.

In the last 10 years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in developing space mining technology, with a view to exploiting the vast mineral resources that celestial bodies, particularly the Near Earth Asteroids, have to offer.  Meanwhile, governments such as Luxembourg and the United States have both adopted laws dealing specifically with commercial asteroid mining.

As part of our Space Month! 2021 program, the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge, have conducted interviews with internationally-recognised experts on the topic of asteroid mining and have put together a video magazine for us to gain an invaluable insight into the prospects, opportunities, and obstacles in bringing asteroid mining to a reality.

To watch the full length interviews, join us on our YouTube channel with Jim KeravalaProfessor Ram Jakhu, Professor Martin Elvis, and Professor Jeffrey Kargel.


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