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Results day 2020 – next steps

Applicants find out today if they have met their offers to study at Jesus College. We and the University have the following advice:

You have met or exceeded the conditions of your offer

Congratulations - you don’t need to do anything. We are already aware of your exam results. Your place has been automatically confirmed and you’ll receive an email in a few days. Please don’t phone the College at this busy time.

You haven’t quite met your offer

Please be patient – check the status of your application on UCAS Track, which will be updated as soon as possible with a final decision. 

Your grades are substantially lower than those required by your offer 

Hopefully you’ll have made the grades for your insurance offer. Unless there are special circumstances, your application to Cambridge will have been unsuccessful and we will have updated UCAS Track. You’ll receive a letter from UCAS stating this so that you can take up your insurance place or enter Clearing.

You haven’t received all of your results

Don’t panic, we already know if you’re missing a particular result. Please contact our admissions team as soon as you’ve received your missing results. Normally decisions on all conditional offers must be made by 31 August.


The University of Cambridge is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the UCAS Adjustment process this summer (2020). For further information, see Adjustment at Cambridge.

My results are better than expected, can I apply for a Clearing place?

The University of Cambridge doesn’t enter Clearing. If your results are better than expected and you’d now like to apply to study at Jesus College, you’ll need to take part in the next application round. The deadline for UCAS applications for the 2021 Cambridge intake is 15 October 2020.

Applying to study at Jesus College

Find out more about applying to study at Jesus College and do consider booking a place at our next virtual undergraduate open day on 19 September.

We are following the advice issued by the Cambridge Admissions Office, which we have replicated below: 

We recognise that this has been a highly unusual year with significant disruption to study and results being awarded without examinations having been taken, and that this will have created anxiety for applicants, parents and teachers. We are therefore reviewing each case in detail and offering as much flexibility as we can.

All students who have met the conditions of their offer will be confirmed immediately, and will be notified of this on the morning of Thursday 13 August – please check your status on UCAS Track.

Those who do not meet the conditions of their offer by a narrow margin may still be admitted, but some may need to await further consideration by the relevant College. This may take 2-3 days. The University currently plans to make a limited number of places available in Adjustment this year; only students who have already been notified will be eligible and not all courses will have places on offer.

Regrettably there are physical limits to the numbers of students we can accommodate, and we will not be able to admit everyone currently holding an offer who does not meet the conditions. If you are not confirmed for entry by the University but feel that the grades you were awarded do not reflect your true ability, you have the right to make an appeal to your examination board(s) – the government issued further advice on this on the 11 August (see If following appeal you meet the conditions of offer then the University will admit you; however depending on when the revised results are known we may need to ask you to defer your entry to Autumn 2021.

If you have a question about the status of your offer of a place at the University, please check your status on UCAS track in the first instance. If a decision has not yet been recorded, you should contact the Cambridge College from which you are holding an offer. Please do not contact the College about anything other than the status of your offer before 18 August 2020.


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