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Image of Professor Lord Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd

Professor Lord Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd receive Shanghai Award for Cambridge Keros Project

Emeritus Fellow and previous Jesus College Master Professor Lord Colin Renfrew along with Dr Michael Boyd have been awarded a 2019 Field Discovery Award by the Shanghai Archaeology Forum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for their work on the Cambridge Keros Project.

Founded in 2013, the Shanghai Archaeology Forum is a global initiative dedicated to promoting the investigation, protection and utilisation of the world’s archaeological resources and heritage.

The biennial SAF Awards “recognise individuals and organisations that have achieved distinction through innovative, creative, and rigorous works relating to our human past, and have generated new knowledge that has particular relevance to the contemporary world and our common future. Its aims include promoting excellence and innovation in archaeological research, advancing public awareness and appreciation of archaeology, fostering the protection and conservation of the world’s archaeological resources and heritage, and encouraging international collaboration and partnerships between scholars and others from different countries."

The Discovery Award, in particular, is made for archaeological excavations or surveys that have yielded major discoveries significantly furthering or even altering our knowledge of the human past, locally and globally.

Read more about the Cambridge Keros Project on the University of Cambridge website and the Shanghai Archaeology Forum.

This article first appeared on the University of Cambridge website and is reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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