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Image of Professor Julian Dowdeswell being presented with the W S Bruce Medal
Mike Robinson, Royal Scottish Geographic Society Chief Executive (left) presents the W S Bruce Medal to Professor Julian Dowdeswell (right)

Professor Julian Dowdeswell awarded 2019 W S Bruce Medal

Congratulations to Professor Julian Dowdeswell (1977), College Fellow and Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, on being awarded the W S Bruce Medal from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for his contributions to glaciology and polar science.

First awarded in 1923, the W S Bruce Medal recognises notable contributions to a certain subject area where new knowledge has been gained through a personal visit to polar regions.

Professor Dowdeswell's recent work includes a co-authored study published in September 2019 which revealed that the eastern ice shelf of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is melting faster than previous estimates, suggesting the shelf may collapse sooner than expected.

Chief Scientist for The Weddell Sea Expedition in January 2019, he led work to study and map the Larsen C ice shelf in western Antarctica. The expedition also reached the wreck site of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance, but deteriorating weather and ice conditions forced searchers to abandon the quest to locate Endurance - for now.

On receiving the award, Professor Dowdeswell said: “Given Bruce's major reputation as an early polar explorer and scientist, it is a particular honour to be awarded the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's medal that bears his name.”


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