Image of Eric Maskin speaking at an event
Photo: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Professor Eric Maskin nominated for an Honorary Degree at the University of Cambridge

Congratulations to Professor Eric Maskin, Honorary Fellow, who has been nominated for an Honorary Degree at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Maskin is one of eight renowned individuals nominated to receive Honorary Doctorates in June 2017. A Research Fellow at Jesus College between 1976 – 77, he was the joint winner of the 2007 Nobel Economics Prize for his work on mechanism design.

Professor Maskin became an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College in 2009. He is also an Honorary Fellow of St John’s College; a former visiting student of Darwin College; Adams University Professor and formerly Louis Berkman Professor of Economics, Harvard University; and Director of the Advanced School in Economics at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.