Image of Ghost stories

More Tedious Tales

On Halloween Night, 2019, a group of students, staff, and Fellows gathered in the Master’s Lodge at Jesus College . . .

They met to discuss ghost stories, particularly inspired by the work of the former Master of the College Arthur Gray, who in 1919 — exactly 100 years before — had published a collection of ghost stories set in and around the College. This collection is called Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye (Granta being the old name of the river Cam, and Gramarye being the occult, so “spooky stories set in Cambridge”) under the pen name Ingulphus.

A contest was announced, to write “a spooky or uncanny story, set in Cambridge, in which a ghost or the idea of a ghost is central”. The result of that contest is a collection of creative fabulations meant to stir unease, pity, surprise, dread, and wonder, all recognisably set in the rooms, courtyards, and streets around us here.

The College Art Club, with members from across the entire College community, contributed the artwork.

More Tedious Brief Tales: Ghost stories in and around Jesus College, Cambridge is available to purchase from the online College shop (priced £6.50 including P&P) and the Porters’ Lodge (priced £5).

Emily Winslow