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Mo Gawdat shares the secrets of staying happy in difficult times

You can now watch Mo Gawdat's talk on finding silver linings in the face of crisis.

As Chief Business Officer at Google X, Mo Gawdat developed “moonshot” ideas to help make the world a better place. Following the tragic death of his son Ali, Mo began a mission to help people become happier. Mo is the author of the international best-selling book Solve for Happy: Engineering Your Path to Joy. He was previously Chief Business Officer at Google X. 

Building on many years of research, Mo developed an algorithm for happiness, which was put to the ultimate test when he tragically lost his son Ali due to a surgical procedure which went wrong. Mo is now on a personal moonshot mission - to bring happiness to people all around the world via his #onebillionhappy campaign.

At this online event co-hosted by the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge, and ThinkLab, University of Cambridge, Mo reflected on the challenges facing our world and shared his secrets for finding silver linings even in a crisis.

You can find Mo's podcast here and find out more about his book on his website.

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