Image of Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE
Credit: Richard Marsham

Jimmy Choo 'In Conversation' in College

World-famous shoe designer, Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, kept an audience entertained for over an hour last night as he shared personal stories and sage advice.

Talking in conversation with Nicky Shepard, Director of Cambridge Style Week, Professor Choo spoke to a full-capacity Frankopan Hall about his early love of shoes and design, pursuing a career in art and fashion, and technological changes to the industry. 

"I'm still learning, I'm not successful yet." stated Professor Choo, as he emphasised the need for hard work and lifelong learning in all creative industries. Asked about planning, he revealed: "I’m always planning ahead, I’m always thinking about shoes, the next step, bringing on a new designer, the next season. Don’t rush, give yourself time."

When asked about the future for shoe manufacturing with the rise of 3D printing, Professor Choo insisted that skilled human design and input is needed, and that he still designs by hand.

Professor Choo also had some practical advice for everyone in the room, advising them to regularly swap around the pairs of shoes they wear, and to always be sure to only wear the right size. 

The event was cohosted by the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College and Cambridge Oriental Cultural Association, with the kind support of Hoii.