Image of Magpie on the back of a muntjac deer. Credit: Marija Jurcevic
Magpie on the back of a muntjac deer. Credit: Marija Jurcevic

Jesus MPhil student’s spectacular snapshots of College wildlife

Marija Jurcevic (2021) has captured the varied wildlife that can be found in Jesus College’s grounds in a series of stunning images.

Marija took most of her shots while walking the College’s nature trail. On her walks she has photographed foxes, deer, woodpeckers, jays, and a squirrel building its drey.

Some of her images even reveal the intricate relationships between the animals: two fox cubs nuzzle each other in the bracken; two moorhens squabble on the riverbank; two roe does keep pace as they gallop through College; a coot feeds its chick a grub; and in a particularly moving example, a magpie hitches a ride on a retreating muntjac deer.

Marija works in conservation, collaborating with the United Nations Development Programme and BirdLife International, and her photographs showcase her commitment to protecting nature as well as her artistic talent.

She summarised her ethos: “From an early age, my love for photography intertwined with my love for nature. To me, photography is a testament to how amazing nature is.

"By sharing my pictures, I hope to inspire people to spend more time in nature. That way they would understand it better and hopefully make more decisions in its favour.”

Marija has provided a beautiful insight into the rich community of creatures that inhabit our green College, and the stories that her images tell reminds us of the value and splendour of the nature around us.