Jesus College students launch a series of short video interviews with leading experts

Three Jesus College students have launched YouTube channel Tell Me About to try and make Cambridge research accessible to everyone.

Their first video features Professor Jeremy Baumberg explaining what quantum physics is in just over three minutes.

James Walden, Caspar Ramsay and Patrick Sylla (all 2015) are the students behind the channel. Patrick said: "James came to me with an idea for a channel that would make the work of the people here accessible to everyone in an engaging way. We wanted to strike a balance between a somewhat humorous and informative approach. When we started to think about how we would get the channel together, Caspar joined us in trying to build Tell Me About.

"James learnt how to use the film editing software and has reached this standard over the Christmas break largely from educational youtube videos. We've tried to make the channel as organic as possible, so James has produced all of the graphics and logos and I have produced all of the music we use.

"The next interviews will be with materials scientists Dr Rob Wallach and PHD student Myles Stopher. We also have an interview with Dr Julian Huppert on political popularism. We're really keen to organise one with a medicine lecturer on cancer research as we feel that this is both very interesting and an important topic to learn about.

"Coming from a state school in Hounslow, I am aware of the lack of guidance offered to some students, who may be keen to learn but are unsure of precisely which route is best for them. We hope that this platform will broaden their understanding of the differences between a range of disciplines. We want to make applying to top universities such as Cambridge less intimidating."