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Intellectual Forum Online Keynote Programme, 2023

The Intellectual Forum has designed a bespoke four-lecture programme for students and faculty from around the world, dealing with topical issues.

Students will receive teaching from world leading experts as well as industry professionals, all linked to Jesus College, Cambridge. Drawing from across the multidisciplinary strengths of the College, attendees will receive lectures and workshops from a range of subject-specialists. 

Keynote one: Katherine Storm Hindley - Illustrating the Legend of King Arthur

King Arthur is a rare example of a fictional character that has remained popular for over a millennium. In this session, we will consider how the legend has been illustrated, using both medieval and modern examples. In doing so, we will think about how the relationship between text and image creates meaning, how literary works are adapted for new audiences, and, more specifically, how illustration can help us understand texts written in unfamiliar contexts or time periods.

Keynote two: Dr Nir Tsuk - Adaptive Innovation in Times of Disruption

The notions of entrepreneurship and innovation have been the ‘flavor of the month’ for quite some time now: creating new solutions to problems, promoting systemic chance and thinking (and doing) out of the box are the zeitgeist for at least a decade in many fields, industries and corporations. As if to validate the famous saying that “the only constant is of change” – came the virus and then the recent war, inflation, as well as other crises (not to mention climate change..) and shook our realities dramatically.

  • What is the role of innovation in such times?
  • Is it a field/ subject/ topic – or rather a mindset, or even language?
  • Why is it more needed now (yet more difficult to achieve) than ever?
  • What’s between innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and disruption?
  • And how all this is relevant to you?

The workshop will introduce key concepts in entrepreneurship, share relevant examples – and provide insights on how to promote change inside organizations and academic bodies.

Keynote three: Maria Axente - Latest Development on Ethical AI

Keynote four: Ricky Lee - The role of start-ups in the global space sector (Law and Business)

If your institution would like to discuss a bespoke academic programme, summer or winter school, or online lecture series, please contact our Deputy Director, Dr Sarah Steele.