Image of Dr Clare Chambers

Dr Clare Chambers debates offence on BBC Radio 4

What is or isn't offensive and who gets to decide? College Fellow Dr Clare Chambers debates the topic of offence in a new episode of BBC Radio 4 series Sweet Reason.

“The BBC Radio 4 programme Sweet Reason aims to provide a forum for reasoned debate about contentious issues" explains Dr Chambers. "In this programme host Evan Davis, Jordan Peterson, Shaista Aziz and I discussed offence: do people take offence too easily, or are there some things that simply should not be said? It’s an essential part of philosophy to question everything, but we should proceed without insults or threats. In the studio there was robust disagreement on some issues and consensus on others. Listeners can make up their own minds about which side has the best arguments.”

Listen to the debate on at 9am on Thursday 2 August 2018, or repeated at 9.30pm the same night. The episode will also be available on BBC iPlayer Radio.

Dr Chambers is Director of Studies in Philosophy at Jesus and a University Senior Lecturer in Philosophy. There are three main strands to Dr Chambers' work: feminism, liberalism, and social construction. Her third book Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State was published by Oxford University Press in 2017 and won the 2018 David Easton Award from the American Political Science Association.