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In conversation with the father of India’s IT revolution, Sam Pitroda

How will the ethics of technology and data sharing impact governance? 

Sam Pitroda joined us on Friday 29th October 2021 for a conversation with the Intellectual Forum's Dr Julian Huppert about the democratisation of information.

Julian and Sam discussed the ethics of technology and data sharing and what this could mean for governance.

Sam Pitroda is an Indian telecommunication engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He is popularly known as the Father of India’s Computer and IT Revolution. He advised Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on computerization in the 1980s and more recently was an advisor to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He is a known philanthropist and chairs five major NGOs.

In his latest book, Redesign the World – A Global Call to Action, Pitroda argues for the democratisation of information to ensure state accountability towards citizens.