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Children's sleep: facts and myths

"Are they sleeping through the night yet?" A question that all parents of young children will have been asked time and time again. Getting better sleep is a hot topic, especially when you have a baby who doesn't sleep as well as you would like.

The Intellectual Forum and ThinkLab wanted to address this as part of their week of events on sleep.

Having heared from Professor Helen Ball earlier in the week, who stressed that expectations need to be managed and that the conversation around baby sleep needs to change, the Intellectual Forum and ThinkLab welcomed Jessica Toh and Erin Flynn-Evans from the baby tracking and sleep improvement app Huckleberry to speak about their approach. 

Jessica and Erin gave a presentation on baby sleep facts and myths, and talked about kinds of advice work for some children, but make matters worse for others - all based on sleep science, data from hundreds of thousands of families, and specific examples. They answered questions from the audience - which was the largest yet of any Intellectual Forum event.

The Intellectual Forum and ThinkLab are running a number of other events on sleep this week.

More about the speakers:

Jessica Toh is CEO and Co-Founder of Huckleberry, a popular baby tracking and sleep improvement app. She holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, and a triple-major in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Erin Flynn-Evans, MPh, PhD, is a Huckleberry Scientific Advisor, Sleep Scientist, and Baby Sleep Science Co-Founder. She leads a sleep research lab and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles. She was previously an Instructor in Medicine in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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