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Image of Boathouse developments

Boathouse developments

One of the largest on the River Cam, our boathouse occupies an enviable position next to Goldie Boathouse, home of Cambridge University Boat Club. We caught up with Jonathan Conder, Head Coach of Jesus College Boat Club and Boathouse Manager, to hear about the recently-completed improvement works.

“A full refurbishment took place in 2013 to incorporate new changing rooms and showering facilities, bicycle storage, and workshop, office and ergo space, all exclusively for College members’ use. The aim of the latest works was to improve the boat storage space.

“Starting soon after the May Bumps races finished in 2018, we created a secure compound to the side of the boathouse. Our 20 boats were moved out onto specially constructed racking so that they were kept safe during the works.

“The old concrete and tarmac floor of the boathouse was dug out and removed because it was cracking in a number of places. A new concrete floor was laid with reinforcing steel to enable it to last many years without incurring any serious damage. The ceiling, walls, boat racking and floor were then all painted to create a lighter and brighter interior for the boat storage areas. The front doors to the boathouse were repainted, as well as the College crest which had become faded over time.

“Once these works were complete, the second phase of the development started, which involved the demolition of the disused toilets to the rear of the boathouse. Here, concrete foundations were laid, followed by a timber framed building. This created a new room which is now used for stretching, briefings and debriefings before and after outings, and watching videos of successful crews to gain further knowledge, skills and understanding of the competitive sport.

“Altogether these works represent a significant improvement to the boathouse facilities and I am delighted to report that they have been well received by our members.”

Boathouse developments
Boathouse developments
Boathouse developments
Boathouse developments


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