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Being in connection: a conversation with Sharon Dodua Otoo

On Friday 18th March 2022, attendees had the chance to hear an exciting preview of Ada’s Realm, the remarkable new novel by the prizewinning British German author Sharon Dodua Otoo. It appeared in German (Adas Raum) in 2021, and will be published in English in 2023.

Ada’s Realm has been called a “literary adventure” and admired for the “glittering richness” of its language. Attendees heard the literary specialist Maryam Aras in conversation with the author.

“All beings – past, present and future – are in connection with each other; we always have been and always will be”, the mysterious shapeshifting narrator of Ada’s Realm tells the reader; Ada herself lives four lives over five centuries in different bodies, both in Africa and Europe.