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Image of Speakers at the ageing well conference

Ageing Well: Rustat Conference report and infographic released

The Rustat Conference report and infographic about Ageing Well have been published.

Rustat Conferences are held three times a year by the Jesus College Intellectual Forum. Focusing on a different topic each time, they offer an opportunity for decision-makers from the front lines of politics, business, finance, the media and education to discuss vital issues with academic experts. 

This Report covers the key questions from the conference sessions, including:

  • How can we improve health and wellbeing so more people live longer, better lives?
  • What we can do to meet the political and economic needs of an ageing population?
  • How can we deliver better care to older people?
  • How can we innovate and harness technology to improve our longer lives?

The Report also provides a "vision for the future" narrative by former Cambridge Student Rebecca Verlander, giving an idea of what it might be like to be an older person in 2050.

The next Rustat Conference will focus on global mobility and the effects of Brexit, running on the 29th and 30th of November 2017. Those interested in engaging with the Rustat Conferences and the Intellectual Forum are encouraged to contact the Forum's Coordinator here.


PDF icon Download AgeingReport.pdf (266.48 KB)


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