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Arthur Conway Osborne Morgan

Arthur Conway Osborne Morgan was a Trinity man, but was brought up at Jesus Master’s Lodge.

Born: Cambridge, 11 January 1885

Fell in action: 13 October 1915

A.C.O. Morgan








Son of the Master

He was the son of Henry Arthur Morgan and his wife Charlotte Linda. The Morgans were one of the first families to live in College following the lifting of the ban on the marriage of Fellows in 1882.Family scrapbooks kept by Conway’s sisters show a close and happy family life in the Master’s Lodge. Sadly this came to an end when Dr Morgan died in 1912.

Conway was away at school at Winchester but came back to Cambridge as an undergraduate. He won prizes at Winchester (the King’s Gold medal for a Latin essay) and Cambridge (the Chancellor’s gold medal for English verse). Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report 1916.

President of the Union

In 1906, the year that he took his degree, he was elected President of the Cambridge Union Society and in this role entertained a party of French students in Cambridge to take part in the Union visitors’ debate.

Conway subsequently spent a year studying languages in France and Germany, before being called to the Bar at Lincolns Inn in 1909.  He was in Chambers with Sir Philip Gregory from 1911.

"No common loss..."

The Master of Trinity wrote: “Truly it is no common loss. All who knew his humour, his eloquence, his vigour, his charm, his energy, must have joined you in looking forward to a life of quite exceptional distinction. And he would have borne it all with such beautiful modesty.” Cambridge Daily News 26 October 1915.

Conway was originally reported missing and his name appears on the Loos Memorial.  However his shattered body was discovered near the Hohenzollern Redoubt in June 1931 and reburied in Canadian Cemetery No. 2 at Neuville-St. Vaast. 

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