Image of Jesus College war memorial

Anthony Frederick Gray, Lieutenant Cambridgeshire Regiment

​Anthony Gray was not a Jesus student, but the youngest of six sons of the Master, Arthur Gray.​

​Killed in action, 26 August 1918

He would have therefore been well known about the College. Arthur Gray’s predecessor as Master, Dr H.A. Morgan and his wife had 5 daughters and 1 son (Conway, who was also killed in action). At the time Gray was Senior Tutor, so the two families often put on amateur theatricals together.

Anthony was a student at Magdalene College, Cambridge and had recently graduated when war broke out in 1914. His intention was to become a clergyman and he had just entered Cheshunt Theological College (Cambridge Press and News 18 September 1918)

He was a well-known figure in various Cambridge Churches, including All Saints Church in Jesus Lane, where he is remembered on the War Memorial.

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