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Hello! My name's Joe and I'm about to start my third year studying Theology at Jesus. This past year I've really enjoyed exploring the creative avenues down which Theology can run, looking particularly at representations of Theology in Literature. 

At Jesus, I spend a lot of my time when I'm not studying helping to cultivate the College's creative side, working as a co-editor for Eliot's Face, the College arts magazine. I'm also involved in the music scene around College and the University itself, being a member of the Jazz Society and performing regularly with my band. This next year, I'm looking forward to working with the John Hughes Arts Festival to bring together those students, past and present, into one creative community. 

Over the summer I've been enjoying working with an international summer school near my home in Kent and travelling to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. I'm looking forward to talking to alumni through the Telephone Campaign and helping to give back to a College that has given me so much. 

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