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I’m a born-and-bred Londoner, just about to start my third year studying English at Jesus. I’m especially interested in women’s writing, their prominence in society and the influence of Europe in the Elizabethan and Georgian eras, as well as modern poetry and video art.

The past two years weren’t quite what I expected when applying, but I couldn’t have loved them more. My extra-curriculars have become passions: I’ve written for newspapers, edited a Varsity section and a literature magazine called BAIT, and helped out with access programmes, both internally and with external charities. Oh, and spent long periods wandering round Cambridgeshire’s beautiful villages.

It’s so exciting to get the chance to speak to alumni: though Jesuans are all at different stages of life, we’re all bound together by the shared memories of this beautiful space. I’m pleased to be helping open it to more people through fundraising.

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