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Telephone campaign 2017

We have been running an annual telephone campaign for over a decade. A vital part of the College’s fundraising effort, the campaigns have raised nearly £3 million since 2001. The campaign facilitates conversations between Jesuans of different generations, strengthening our College community. 

Calls from a team of current students are not only intended to encourage you to make or renew a gift to Jesus, but also to update you about the College’s latest news and events and to exchange career and life stories.

Our main fundraising priorities are student support, teaching, our access programme and our buildings and facilities. You can read more about each of these priorities in our campaign brochure.

This year’s campaign will run from Tuesday 12 September to Tuesday 26 September 2017. We are making calls during evenings and weekends, and our student team have been enjoying speaking to a number of you already. If you haven't yet received a call, we still have a number of days to go - but if there is a particular date that would suit you to speak then don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to give to the Development Campaign online, you can do so here.

Last year’s team of student callers raised £145,000. A fantastic 56 percent of those spoken to made a donation. Letters have been sent out to 1,400 alumni to tell them more about the campaign and let them know that we will be calling. Meet our team of student callers below. 

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