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Ali Austin

Ali Austin

I’ve been a member of the choir for six years. After an audition I started by attending for just two or three hours a week but now as a senior chorister, I attend four rehearsals, which along with the two weekly Evensongs amount to around ten hours of singing a week.

We learn a lot about how to develop our voices but also begin to understand sight reading and theory, so our all-round musical education is pretty impressive.

There are many highlights to being a chorister including tours in the UK, Europe and the USA, concerts, professional recordings and special treats such as suppers, picnics and Christmas parties. I’ve enjoyed making friends with boys from many other schools and I like singing alongside the choral scholars from the college.

There are, of course, all the other things that make choir so good – the football before and after rehearsals, the jokes, the friends. It’s a great musical experience but also so much more.