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Library & computing

Library & computing

Opened in 1996 by the Queen, the Quincentenary Library (QL) commemorates the College’s 500th anniversary. It is architecturally astounding, with space for 128 readers and more than 50,000 books. It holds most of the books you will need during your undergraduate years; for graduate students the specialist collections in departmental libraries and the main University Library are likely to be of more relevance.

In addition to its holding of academic volumes, the QL offers a range of lighter reading matter and a wide variety of audiovisual and electronic resources, including a large DVD collection. It also houses a separate Law Library, which holds the various law reports and other lawyerly things, two drawing boards for the architects and engineers, and a skeleton and other anatomical models for the medics. You can have a chat and relax in the tranquil Garden Room on the ground floor. The QL is open 24 hours a day, 360 days a year.

The Jesus College Computer Centre (Kwok Room) is one of the most advanced of any Cambridge College. It is located in the QL and is open whenever the QL is open. Its equipment, software, available support and opening hours make it a very popular resource in College.

The Centre boasts 26 advanced machines, each running a range of software. The default desktop operating system is currently Windows 7 Enterprise. Each student has an account on the system with a large, secure and backed-up personal disk space. All the machines are connected to the network via Fast Ethernet, and have full Internet access, a CD-writer/DVD drive and USB sockets. The Centre also supports quality printers, both black and white and colour, as well as a number of colour scanners.

The support team is also responsible for the maintenance of the College-wide network. All College rooms have ethernet sockets and are connected to the College servers via a fibre-optic backbone, with many of the on campus rooms supporting wireless. The College network offers a secure environment for students and staff to use academic resources in Cambridge and over the internet.

Quincentenary Library