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Women at Jesus – a history

St Radegund

A celebration marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the admission of women undergraduates to Jesus College was held on 18 September 2004. For that occasion a two-fold exhibition entitled ‘Women at Jesus: history and reminiscences’ was displayed in the Creswick Room and Gardner Room of the Quincentenary Library. The present web exhibition is based upon the historical section of that display, which was compiled, for the organising committee, by Philip Raymont and Dr Frances Willmoth (Archivist).

The main purpose is to present records of discussions surrounding the 1974 decision to admit women, and of the staging-posts that followed – the first female Fellow, the first female postgraduates, the first female Research Fellow – culminating in the arrival of the first women undergraduates in October 1979. But the exhibition also offers illustrative material from previous centuries, recalling the site’s former occupation by a medieval nunnery and the sometimes invisible but often indispensable presence of women throughout the College’s history.