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John Eliot, “Apostle to the Indians” of New England

John Eliot
John Eliot - a portrait

Reproduced by permission of the Headmaster of Roxbury Latin School, Roxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A., from the frontispiece to F. Washington Jarvis, Schola Illustris: the Roxbury Latin School, 1645-1995 (Boston, Massachusetts, 1995)

Portrait of John Eliot

This portrait of Eliot [right] is taken from the frontispiece to the modern history of Roxbury Latin School (by kind permission of the Headmaster). According to the inscription, it was painted when the subject was in his 55th year, which would have been around 1658-59. The book he is shown handling is presumably his manuscript translation of the Bible, which was finished in 1658. The portrait may have been painted to assist the campaign for funds to enable the work to be printed.