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Jesus and the First World War

War Memorial

On the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, Jesus College remembers all those who were involved in this terrible war.  Many members of the College community went off to fight and at least 158 were killed.  For those who came back, including those whose admission to College was postponed due to their war service, life was irrevocably changed.

This site aims to commemorate this era and honour those who served.  It will be added to over the next four years by a team of volunteers from the College community who will be looking at as many of these lives as possible.

At present this site includes the collection of photographs gathered by Arthur Gray (Master of the College 1912-40), with the aim of preserving the memory of Jesuans killed during the war. These form a substantial and very moving collection.

Often a poignant covering letter from the subject’s family is preserved with the photograph.  The photographs have been displayed on the website since the 90th anniversary of the Armistice, but with little detail about the subject.  We have been using the College archives to find out more about these men and to find out more about those Jesuans who died and those who served and look at the impact of the war on the College.  These pages will be added to as time goes on throughout the centenary period.

Roll of Honour 1914 – 1918

Roll of Honour in Real Time

Remembering on the centenary of his death December 1915:

Reginald Ambler Sarsby — Dec. 22, 1915

Remembering on the centenary of their deaths November 1915:

Ernest William Jones — Nov. 9, 1915
Geoffrey Barham Johnson — Nov. 23, 1915
Arthur Capel Morris — Nov. 27, 1915

Remembering on the centenary of their deaths October 1915:

Charles Noel Ridley — Oct. 7, 1915
William Preston Ainley — Oct. 12, 1915
Edward Stanley Strachan — Oct. 14, 1915
Walter Harry Nichols — Oct. 15, 1915
Arthur Conway Osborne Morgan – Oct. 13, 1915

Other Resources

To mark Remembrance Day 2015 we have produced a short essay about the College War Memorial.

To mark Remembrance Day 2014 we have produced an overview of the numbers who served.

Highlights from the photograph album of Geoffrey Barham Johnson (1912), killed in action in November 1915.

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We are also building a Jesuan community on the Imperial War Museum’s Lives of the First World War.  See our progress at